There is a sensual pleasure in holding a beautiful gem. Perhaps this is due to the fact that gems, like us, were created by nature and
we feel a primal link with their energy. The name Druzy is derived from the German word for Geode, which is called “Druse”.
Druzy refers to small crystallizations of quartz that form on the inside surface of a rough agate stone or geode.
Druzies are usually cut out of the center of the Geode, which has a chamber or hollow space. The walls of this hollow space are
covered with tiny little quartz crystals. After removing the outer layers of agate, the inner cavity with the Druzy is revealed.
These pieces are then cut so that a thin layer is left with the Druzy crystal appearing on the top.
Druzy stones are like light shimmering on the water. Their crystal clusters reflect a light and radiance that make working with
these agate stones, a beautiful, magical medium to work with. They add an unexpected touch of elegance to a simple clean design.
The magnificent light resonates with people who want jewelry to be a statement of taste and an expression of individuality.

Care and Cleaning: Druzy Quartz and Labradorite can both be cleaed by carefully washing off the dulling surface oils with soap and water
(using no abrasives) and blotting dry with a paper towel. This will restore the finish to its original luster and brightness.
As wth most gemstones they should be kept away from house hold chemicals and from prolonged exposure to extreme
heat as this can cause damaga and permanent changes to its appearance. Druzy should be kept in a soft-lined box
or pouch separate from other jewelry items to avoid damage and/or scratching.

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